You are exactly where you are supposed to be. I'm so glad you're here.


I work with energetically open and spiritually curious people, who are searching for closure, healing, connection, and the answers to their big life questions. I am particularly adept with helping people find out and then focus on what is really important in thier lives.

I help find understanding and healing in the path you are on right now, clarity on the reasons for where you have been, and what your importance is with the path you are headed towards in  the future.  

When I read for you, I'm reading the cards and I'm listening to my guides. I'm listening to and watching the energies around you as you ask  your questions.  I will see "things", hear "things", and occasionally catch the "scent" or the taste of things. (Yes, there are fancy words for those skills, but I like to keep it simple.)

I am able to connect with spirits, spirit guides, and the soul consciousness.

Although I have fun and will giggle with you during your reading, when all is said and done, your reading will be honest and down to earth. If there happens to be a cloud on the horizon, I'm going to tell you. But I'm also going to help you prepare for it and give you some ways to work your way through it with calm and compassion.

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